Selcom XLine2™ family of Laser Sensors cover a range of molten metal level measurement applications within th Aluminium an Magnesium Industry.

Bild Xline2

Laser Line Technology together with 2D detector and advanced image processing make the sensors impervious to steam and smoke. XLine2™ sensors offer enhanced accuracy through the use of laser line projection. A laser line projector pojects a laser line onto the measurement surface, which is optically expanded in one dimension. This line image across the molten metal surface is viewed by the sensor as a two-dimensionl array broken down into pixels. Using triangulation, these pixels are used to obtain up to 100 simultaneous measurements over this line. Through algorithm analysis, a single value is derived. Because of the sensor´s multi-point analysis, this metal level measurement is more reliable and accurate than prior laser technology. The sensor´s features also eliminate problems with reflectivity, caused by shininess of aluminum surface and eliminate inaccuracies generated by smoke, steam and other environmental influences found in the casting process.

> Optimized for specific applications
> Not affected by smoke or steam
> RS232 and Ethernet, Analog and Digital outputs
> Output signals can be scaled to replicate other sensors - ideal for retrofitting
> Rugged insulated stainless steel heat shields

PDF Specifications XLine2™ Sensor